Attention Glass Technicians!

Ben·Son Glass & Mirror is hiring experienced glass techs for multiple locations.

Must have experience in residential and commercial glass replacement and installation. Auto Glass is helpful. Chosen applicant will install small        storefronts and perform routine repair and maintenance on commercial buildings (doors, windows, etc.). Must be able to install window glass,         mirrors, mirrored walls, and shower systems. Must have a valid Georgia driver license, be organized, and good with customers. Please respond via email or phone.

Job tasks include (but not limited to):

  • Removing dirt, foreign matter, and loose glass from damaged areas, applying primer along windshield or window edges.
  • Installing replacement glass in vehicles after old glass has been removed and all necessary preparations.
  • Working knowledge of urethane curing times, taking temperature and humidity into account.
  • Priming pinchwelds.
  • Obtaining windshields or windows for specific automobile makes and models from stock or ordering from a distributor and examining them for defects prior to installation.
  • Checking for and removing moisture or contamination in damaged areas and keeping areas dry until repairs are complete.
  • Applying urethane around the perimeter of each pinchweld and dressing the remaining urethane on the pinchwelds so that it is of uniform level and thickness.
  • Selecting appropriate tools, safety equipment, and parts, according to job requirements.
  • Removing broken or damaged glass windshields or window glass from motor vehicles, using hand tools to remove screws from frames holding glass.
  • Replacing all moldings, clips, windshield wipers, or other parts that were removed prior to glass replacement or repair.
  • Removing moldings, clips, windshield wipers, screws, bolts, and inside A-pillar moldings and lower headliners in preparation for installation or repair work.
  • Installing, repairing, or replacing safety glass and related materials, such as back glass heating elements, on vehicles or equipment.
  • Installing rubber channels around edges of glass or frames to weatherproof windows or to prevent rattling.
  • Holding cut or uneven edges of glass against automated abrasive belts to shape or smooth edges.
  • Cutting flat safety glass according to specified patterns or perform precision pattern making and glass cutting to custom fit replacement windows.
  • A working knowledge of glass handling and preperation in temperature extremes.
  • Replacing or adjusting motorized or manual window-raising mechanisms.
  • Installing new foam dams on pinchwelds, if required.

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